The book will be helpful:

Schaak en Superschaak
van schaker tot Superschaker
by H. van Haeringen

Hardbound, 176 pages, cover in full colour, interior in black-and-white, language Dutch, large size, 21x30 cm (A4), ISBN 90-71421-33-3, Coulomb Press Leyden, Leiden, 1999


  • supplementary sheet "De loop der stukken"
  • many large, clear diagrams
  • concise history of the development of the game of chess
  • earlier and alternative forms of the game of chess
  • the present laws
  • the laws of the game of super chess introduced step by step
  • many examples and problems with solutions
  • a few short games of super chess to practice with detailed discussion
  • the variant "Monarch"
  • index and glossary


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Practical summary of the laws of Super Chess and Monarch,
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